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How Thumb Sucking Affect Your Kid's Dental Health

Posted on 12/15/2023 by Weo Admin
Smiling child sucking thumb. Thumb-sucking is a common habit among young children and is often considered harmless. However, it would help if you understood that prolonged thumb-sucking could adversely affect your child's dental health. Here's how thumb-sucking can affect your kid's dental health:

Tooth Decay

The increased risk of dental decay is one of the main issues related to thumb sucking. The constant pressure and sucking motion can cause the front teeth to protrude, creating an open bite.

This misalignment can make it difficult for your child to bite and chew properly, increasing the chances of food particles getting trapped between the teeth. The trapped food particles provide a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to tooth decay and cavities.

Mouth Sensitivity

Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to mouth sensitivity. The constant pressure exerted on the roof of the mouth and the positioning of the thumb can cause the tissues to become sensitive.

This sensitivity may result in discomfort or pain when eating certain foods or during dental procedures.

Oral Infections

Thumb sucking involves putting the thumb in the mouth, which can introduce bacteria and germs into the oral cavity. The warm and moist environment inside the mouth becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of oral infections. These infections can cause discomfort and necessitate dental care by taking the form of sores, ulcers, or inflammation in the oral tissues.

Speech Impediment

Prolonged thumb sucking can also affect your child's speech development. The continuous presence of the thumb in the mouth can alter the tongue's position and interfere with the proper formation of sounds. This may result in speech impairments, including lisping or trouble pronouncing particular words or sounds.

Space Between Teeth

Consistent and prolonged thumb sucking can cause the front teeth to shift forward, leading to an open bite and creating gaps between the teeth. This misalignment can affect the proper alignment of the permanent teeth as they erupt, potentially requiring orthodontic treatment in the future to correct the bite and close the gaps. Ensure you call our dentist to know thumb sucking can affect your kid's dental health.
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