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Four Ways to Smile More Today

Posted on 5/20/2016 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
A man happy with his newly repaired smile.It is a well-known fact that smiling can actually make us feel better. Smiling is contagious, so when you smile, you can also cause other people to smile and feel happy, as well.

A nice smile can make you look more easy-going, approachable, and attractive, and since it releases endorphins in the brain, it can actually make you feel happier. So, if you need to smile more often to reap these benefits, try these helpful suggestions.

Look for Humor in Your Daily Life

A good way to smile more is to look for humor in everyday things. A situation in your life might appear bad initially, but if you find a way to see the silver lining and to make a joke out of it, it will be easier to laugh at the difficult or embarrassing things that life throws your way.

Choose Your Friends Wisely
Why waste your energy spending time with people who don't make you happy? Negativity from the people around you will only bring you down, so spend time with friends and family who lift you up and make you happier.

Watch Something Funny
If you need a good laugh, look for a new TV show or movie. Netflix is a great place to start, as there are entire TV series that are great for some laughs. You could also check out YouTube to find some funny viral videos.

Fake it Until You Make It
Your brain doesn't know the difference between a fake smile and a genuine one, so even if it isn't real, try to laugh and smile as much as you can. It might feel awkward at first, but after a while, you'll start smiling more out of habit if you make a conscious effort to smile more throughout your day.

A trip to the dentist for whiter or straighter teeth might also be something to smile about, so contact our office today.
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