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My Child Won't Floss!

Posted on 7/20/2016 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
A young girl refusing to floss.When it comes to doing fun things, kids are always first in line. When it comes to flossing though... well let's just say the line is pretty short. Many people don't realize how important good dental health habits are for kids - forgoing the difficulty of getting their kids to brush and floss because they, "will have adult teeth soon, right?"

The fact of the matter is there are a lot of issues that can carry over from childhood oral problems into adulthood. Not to mention, habits learned in childhood often last a lifetime, so why not get them started early and often?

Four Surefire Methods to get Your Child Flossing

Model the behavior that you want to see.
When kids are very young they will often want to mimic you in every way - take advantage of that! Show them up close how you put the floss on your fingers, and move it gently in between each tooth. Floss their teeth for a while and then let them give it a try for themselves!

Take advantage of kid friendly flossing products.
Flossing can be tricky, especially when your fine motor skills aren't fully developed. There are many products on the market today that not only make it easier for them to floss but also have their favorite characters on them. If they get to pick-up a flossing device that gets their imagination going, they might get jazzed about it!

The Tooth Fairy wasn't just invented to give kids money!
Everyone knows that a healthy tooth is worth a lot more than a tooth that hasn't seen enough floss!

Make it exciting, make it a routine, and make it rewarding.
Kids love fun routines. If they can depend on flossing their teeth every night with you, it can become something that they look forward to. This is especially true when they know they are going to have a good bedtime story at waiting for them.

Please contact us if you have any questions about helping your child floss.
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