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Is Your Tooth Pain Caused By a Heart Attack?

Posted on 8/20/2016 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
A woman suffering from severe tooth pain.When suffering from a heart attack, many people complain about pain in their jaws. This can be quite intense to some, while incredibly mild to others.

Most of the time, people will not have a heart attack after having a simple toothache from something like a cavity, but if you have a history of issues with your heart and you have a sudden onset of cardiac symptoms that include jaw pain, you may want to go in and see your doctor.

Symptoms of Heart Problems That Involve Your Teeth

Anyone with a history of heart problems needs to keep a very close eye on the condition of their mouth. If you suddenly have pain in your teeth, jaw, or face, this could be the onset of a heart problem, leaving you in a potentially dangerous situation.

Jaw pain may be nothing more than something stuck in between your teeth or in your gums, or it could be the signs of an impending heart attack.

Any time you have swelling or an infection within your mouth, you expose your heart to the effects of those ailments. If you have an infection that goes untreated, the infection can spread and leave your heart in peril.

Never underestimate pain in and around your jaw. It can be the signal of quite a few different things, a heart attack being one of them.

If you are not sure if you might be having a heart attack because you are seeing other symptoms such as pressure in your chest, heavy sweating for no reason, tingling in your extremities, or you inexplicably get light headed, call your doctor.

If you only have pain in the jaw or in your teeth, then please contact us as quickly as you can to prevent issues like this down the line.
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