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A Dental Appliance May Reduce Risks for Tooth Decay

Posted on 11/30/2016 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
A dentist holding a custom made night guard.
Your teeth try and do some repairs at night, which is why brushing before bed is so important. The more fluoride from your toothpaste and mouthwash you can have in your mouth, the better.

However, if you sleep with your mouth open, this could cause the opposite effect.

Your teeth can only repair when the mouth is kept closed so that everything from your teeth to your gums are kept covered in saliva. If you are an open-mouth sleeper, then you may want to consider getting a dental appliance to keep your mouth closed when you sleep.

Saliva is What Your Teeth Need Most to Stay Healthy

There have been tons of studies done on the wonders of saliva and how it helps to protect your teeth. It washes them, gives the teeth and gums their nutrients, and it helps to neutralize the pH levels within your mouth. Without saliva, nearly all of your teeth would fall out in a very short amount of time.

The only way for an open-mouth sleeper to keep their mouth closed so their teeth and gums can be protected at night is to get a dental appliance. This helps to keep teeth lined up, it can help if you tend to grind or clench your teeth at night, and it keeps the inside of your mouth moist all night long.

This allows your teeth to heal and to regain strength lost during the day from the foods you ate and the drinks you consumed.

If you think you may benefit from an oral appliance, contact our office about it. Explain that you typically sleep with your mouth open, and you want to help protect your teeth.

They can let you know if you would need a custom piece that they would help with, or if an over-the-counter option would work for you.

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