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Reasons Your Tooth May Hurt Following a Root Canal

Posted on 4/15/2017 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
A woman in need of a root canal.
Getting a root canal is often the best way to save an infected tooth. Instead of letting the tooth rot to where it has to be extracted, you can have the decay pulled out and the tooth can be saved.

Sometimes when a root canal is complete, it leaves your tooth a bit sore for a short time. This is to be expected. However, if the soreness gets worse, or lasts for more than a short time, you need to go back in and have your dentist look at your tooth.

What May Cause Pain in Your Tooth

If the root canal wasn't completed fully, there may be a bit of infection left behind. This could cause pain in the tooth and surrounding tissue. When a root canal is performed, all of the little tiny roots of your tooth need to be cleaned out completely. It isn't impossible for a tiny bit to be overlooked, especially if the infection is in its early stages.

When a root canal is performed, sometimes the tooth gets rocked back and forth a little in the socket. This can leave the socket of your tooth with a minor bit of bruising, all the way up to being fractured, depending on how much rocking occurred.

This can cause the tooth to remain sore for a while after the root canal has been completed, but it often heals up on its own without any extra procedure needed.

If you notice that your tooth hurts longer than just a few days following the procedure, call your dentist. They may be able to tell from the symptoms you experience what the problem is, or they may want you to come back in and be seen. No matter what option they pick, you will at least be able to know that relief is on its way.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about root canals.
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