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Dental Benefits of Snacking on Vegetables

Posted on 7/23/2017 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS recommends snacking on vegetables.
You are always looking for healthy snacks for your body, and you are trying to stay away from unhealthy snacks that affect our teeth. You try not to eat sugary foods, sticky foods, and foods that tend to stay on your teeth like potato chips and peanut butter. The problem is what snack that will taste good can you substitute for the bad ones you have given up? You keep hearing conflicting information about fruits; some are too acidic, some are too sweet, and it doesn't sound like that's a good snack, so what can you eat that tastes good and benefits your oral health?

Vegetables Are the Answer

First of all, not all fruits are bad for your teeth. Fruits that are high in water content like apples and pears are excellent for your teeth. They are crunchy and scrape food particles from your teeth. They also help promote the flow of saliva, which your teeth need to wash them in between brushings.

As for vegetables, the same rule applies. Vegetables that are crunchy and high in water do the same thing for your teeth that crunchy and high-water content fruits do for your teeth. Two wonderful vegetables that fit the bill are carrots and celery. An additional benefit to celery is the little strands that run through the celery act as a natural dental floss for your teeth.

Green leafy vegetables contain folic acid. Folic acid is a B vitamin that promotes cell growth and a healthy mouth. Radishes are another vegetable that is good for your teeth. It is a fibrous vegetable like carrots and have the same benefits.

Kale has a variety of minerals and vitamins that promote healthy teeth and gums. If you don’t want to bring fresh kale to the office, try making kale chips. They are easy to make and are a great snack. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more, please call us today at (315) 800-5020.
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