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Why Do Dentists Suction Spit Out of the Way

Posted on 1/30/2018 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Dental Exam Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS NY 13215-2205Have you ever wondered why dentists suction your spit out of the way?

If so, then it is important you understand the mouth's reaction to being poked or prodded. Your mouth instinctively wants to protect itself from outside invaders.

Unfortunately for us dentists, we appear to be an invader to your mouth. This means that your saliva production increases, which can make things in your mouth slippery to work on, and potentially cause damage in your mouth that was totally unintentional.

Wet Conditions Can Make for a More Hazardous Experience

Under dry conditions, we can easily check all around your mouth. We can see everything clearly, and make sure that everything in your mouth is as it should be. However, if we need to work, it also allows us to get our tools into your mouth without the worry of them slipping out of place.

If the conditions in your mouth were wet, the tools may slip around and hurt you. Under standard stress-reaction conditions where your mouth is producing excess saliva, this becomes an even bigger problem.

We need to maintain total control over each tool that goes into your mouth so that we can get the job we went in there for, right. If the tool slips due to extra saliva, we could end up injuring one of your teeth, poking your gums, or pulling at your lip.

Suction is the most effective way of removing excess saliva from your mouth. It keeps all of your oral tissues just dry enough to work with, but not so dry that it causes you pain.

Once we are all done with our work, feel free to drink up some water to help remoisten your mouth. However, until we give the word, let's work together to keep your mouth as dry as we can.
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