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What Things Can Make It to Where You Cannot Get Dental Implants?

Posted on 4/10/2018 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Dental Implants Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS NY 13215-2205Are you a good candidate for dental implants? Dental implants are long lasting oral care solution, and not everyone will be a candidate for this type of procedure.

That's what we are going to be discussing today. In this article we are going to be listing factors idea candidate will need.

Factors That You Will Need

•  You will need to have good gums, this is very important because the implants will be connected to your gums. But if you have gum disease or periodontal you will not be a good candidate or this procedure. You will need to have good bone density. You will need to have a sufficient about of bone left in order to attach the implant.
•  You will need to have great oral health this will make a good candidate for the dental implant procedure.
•  You will need to have patience. After the procedure your mouth will take a long time to heal from it. It will take up to 5-6 months, actually the entire process of the procedure could take a year to fully heal so patience is very important to have
•  There are other factors that will make good candidates for example non-tobacco users. Make sure you have good overall health, because if you have any diseases or disorders, it can impact your body's ability to heal.

So now that you know what makes a good candidate for dental implants, give us a call and talk with us or come see us for an overall check up to see if you are a good candidate.

To better your chances of becoming a good candidate, make sure to practice good dental hygiene and eat healthy and exercise daily. If you want to know more about dental implants be sure to call us for an appointment today.
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