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What is a Pit and Fissure Stain?

Posted on 8/10/2018 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
What is a Pit and Fissure Stain?Your teeth are full of little tiny microscopic holes that cover the entire surface. While they may appear smooth, they really are not.

These little holes have the capability of developing into a cavity or staining which can leave your tooth with a little dark spot. These little spots on the teeth are called pit and fissure stains.

What to do About Pit And Fissure Stains

Before you jump ahead to how to get rid of pit and fissure stains on your teeth, you'll need to come into our office for a thorough exam. Most of the time, the small stains do not contain decay in the early stages, but if they're left unattended and not cleaned thoroughly, decay can build up and they will become cavities.

We will take the time to look at each pit and fissure stain in your exam to determine if it contains decay or not. Generally speaking, with regular preventative dental care, decay can usually be avoided, however, it is something that we'll need to check for prior to treatment of the pit and fissure stains.

If there is a little bit of decay in your pit and fissure stains, we will clean them thoroughly and fill them accordingly. If you have no decay, we can treat the stains with whitening products to lessen the appearance of the stain. Of course, once you notice a stain, make note of the date that you noticed it and keep an eye on it.

Good oral hygiene and preventative dental care are the most important tool in preventing staining of the teeth and reducing your risk for decay. If you're noticing unusual discoloring in your teeth, please give our office a call and schedule yourself for an exam. Your teeth can last a lifetime when we work together to keep them healthy and beautiful!
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