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Could a Water Flosser Improve Your Oral Health?

Posted on 12/10/2018 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Could a Water Flosser Improve Your Oral Health?Over a third of the population doesn't floss at all, and the overwhelming majority don't floss the recommended amount of times daily. This leads to several oral health issues, as well as lowered self-esteem and other unpleasant side effects. But for those who can't maintain a regular flossing habit, would a water flosser be a viable alternative for better dental health care?

Flowing Pros

Water flossers are a less intrusive, easier, and frequently less painful alternative to regular flossing. Topping the list of reasons why multiple professionals recommend them, research shows that it reduces bleeding from the mouth and gums by an astonishing 93% compared to traditional string flossing. This reduction in discomfort and pain increases the frequency of flossing for people who otherwise are averse to it.

But it doesn't stop there – research also proves that water flossing is 52% more effective at reducing gingivitis, which means healthier gums, whiter smiles, and cleaner breath when used according to directions. Combined with other routine dental care practices and making sure that you have an assortment of tips (such as tongue cleaning, plaque removing, and tooth brushing, among others) will ensure a more effective and comfortable cleaning experience.

Lastly, if you use dental implants or have braces, water flossing is one of the few ways to ensure a deep, full clean without removing or adjusting the orthodontic equipment, making it an easy solution to a potentially uncomfortable situation.

In short, water flossers are an excellent tool to add to your hygiene routine, suitable for users of all ages and demographics, and a great way to reintroduce flossing into your care habits. If you would like to discuss this topic more, or hear our picks for water pics, reach out to us today and mention that you are considering the switch to stringless!
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