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Foods to Avoid When Your Goal is a Healthier Smile

Posted on 11/20/2019 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Foods to Avoid When Your Goal is a Healthier SmileWe all know there are some foods that are just plain bad for your teeth, and if you are particular about how your smile shines, there may be more to stay away from than you think.

Some foods can cause premature tooth wear because they are acidic, and others can cause bacteria to grow more freely in your mouth. While some may say to avoid all of these foods completely, it is important to note the power of moderation.

We believe that you should be able to partake in your favorite foods. I mean what is the point of having teeth if you cannot eat your favorite foods anyway? So instead, we recommend moderation of foods that are bad for your teeth.

Foods That Can Ruin Your Smile

The first food we think everyone knows, candy. However, some candy is worse than others. Candies that are coated in a sour flavoring are particularly harmful to the teeth because they are very acidic. Strong acids found in these candies can wear away at your teeth's enamel quicker than normal acidic foods, plus they are loaded with sugar which promotes bacteria growth. This one is definitely a food that should be eaten in moderation.

The next food may be a little surprising, but bread can be harmful to the teeth as well. Premade bread found in the supermarket is not only loaded with sugar, when you chew it, it can become a stick paste that adheres to your teeth. What makes it worse is that this paste can sit in-between the teeth, making it very difficult to get rid of.

The last food, rather drink, that you should have in moderation is alcoholic beverages. Besides some serious health risks, excess alcohol consumption is bad for the teeth as well. Alcohol is bad for the teeth because it can cause dry mouth. Dry mouth allows bacteria to grow more freely which can lead to quicker tooth decay. We recommend drinking lots of water if you are drinking alcohol to combat a dry mouth.

There are many other foods that you should eat in moderation, but you can always ask us by giving us a call at our office. We will be happy to help with any questions about food and oral health you might have.
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