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Getting Oral Sedation Means Your Mouth Could Be Healthier

Posted on 1/10/2020 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Getting Oral Sedation Means Your Mouth Could Be HealthierNot everyone loves visiting our offices. For some people, it would be better to use DIY dental practices than sit in a dentist's chair. Sadly, this practice of putting your oral health on the line by using untested products could lead to worse conditions.

Furthermore, when you diagnose yourself with a dental condition, there is no telling whether you made the right diagnosis, or the diagnosis you made is a sign of bigger problems. Ideally, making visits to our offices religiously is a sure way to improve your overall dental health. If anxiety is the issue that is making it tough to walk into our office, oral sedation might just be what you need for improved oral health.

Relieve Anxiety

Sedation helps you to feel relaxed and calm throughout your entire session. You will feel sleepy, but still be conscious. It will be hard for you to start fidgeting in our chair or worrying that the procedure will be painful. In most situations, dental procedures tend to be painless. You might only experience a little bit of discomfort.
We, on the other hand, will manage to deal with your condition and make a diagnosis without these distractions. Overall, this improves success during your visits.

Minimizing Gag Reflex

When anxious, with their mouth wide open, some of our patients tend to have a gag reflex. Often, a patient might sputter or choke, making it tough for us to do our job. Sedation will give you some bliss, making the session feel normal. In fact, we have managed to conduct several procedures in one sitting for some patients, especially procedures that are typically time-consuming.

Making visits to our offices is mandatory for a remarkable smile and a healthy dentition. As long as you can let go of this anxiety, it will be easy to go through these dental sessions. Feel free to consult us about your frustrations with dental appointments so that we can make your visits more successful.
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