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Why Do Dentists Like Us Worry About Mountain Dew Mouth?

Posted on 8/24/2020 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Why Do Dentists Like Us Worry About Mountain Dew Mouth?As dental professionals, we are not big fans of sodas like Mountain Dew. That is because this highly popular drink can trigger some serious issues with decay and periodontal disease. Compared to other sodas, Mountain Dew has the highest number of substances that can damage the teeth and negatively affect the bacterial balance in a patient's mouth. The following information gives you further details about dental concerns over this product.

What Is Mountain Dew and Why Is It So Bad?

The greenish and lemony soft drink Mountain Dew stands out as being the worst soda to drink when it comes to dental health. While studies show a high intake of carbonated soft drinks can lead to dental erosion and cavities, Mountain Dew ranks the highest when making claims. The mix of acids, carbonation, and sugars in sodas like Mountain Dew weaken the teeth's protective coating of enamel. Bacterial growth in the mouth also increases when soda consumption is high. When this occurs, the added bacteria and lack of enamel leads to significant problems with decay.

What Does Mountain Dew Contain?

When a patient has Mountain Dew Mouth, the dental problem is directly associated with drinking the soda. Mountain Dew contains 11 teaspoons of sugar for every 12-ounce or 360 ml serving – much more than Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Moreover, Mountain Dew contains citric acid to produce its lemony flavor. The citric acid further erodes tooth enamel, causing a chain reaction – one that leads to a bacterial imbalance in the mouth, the formation of cavities, and problems with deep decay. When a patient regularly drinks Mountain Dew, any other efforts at dental care can be hampered.

If you love drinking Mountain Dew, we hope you can ultimately refrain from the habit. We know you may love the beverage for its caffeinated energizing effects and taste, but it can do some real dental damage. Give us a call today for a dental consultation or an exam. We can help you make some small changes – changes that are big in terms of your dental health.

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