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What to Do if You Experience Severe Mouth Pain

Posted on 9/21/2020 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
What to Do if You Experience Severe Mouth PainCall our office. It seems like such a straightforward response, but if you are experiencing such extreme pains in your mouth then we need to know as soon as possible to help. There are several different causes for pain, and the situation will be variable to your dental history and lifestyle. In many cases, a simple phone call won't be able to completely assess the situation and an emergency dental visit may be in order. We will still need to know vital information, so a call to our emergency facility while you are heading this way is a great first step.

What Pain Ails You

Knowing the location, reason, and type of pain will allow our dental staff to assess your problem quickly. When you're pinpointing the location of the main source of pain, be sure to describe the feeling of the origin point as well as any surrounding areas. Does the main source feel like it is emanating from a certain tooth, or someplace deeper in your jaw? Are you swelling or feeling numbness in any of the surrounding area? Is the pain a stabbing, burning, or throbbing sensation? Or maybe a combination of all three? Are you bleeding or have an open wound in your mouth? The more information you can give us, the better! If this onslaught of suffering was caused by an incident, we need to know exactly what happened even if the details are embarrassing; trust me, you are not the first person to knock their face on the headboard while doing the bedsheet shimmy with their partner.

Any way around it, when your mouth brings you that much pain, you need to see a dental professional STAT. And our offices will be here to receive you! Give us a call if you experience this or even less serious oral discomfort.
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