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What Is the Point of Fluoride Treatments?

Posted on 12/7/2020 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
What Is the Point of Fluoride Treatments?If you have a higher risk of tooth decay, you need a fluoride treatment. This treatment comprises the professional application of fluoride in high concentrations to teeth. The fluoride could be systemic or topical. Systemic fluorides comprise ingestible fluorides such as fluoride water and dietary supplements. Topical fluoride treatment is directly on the tooth surface. It includes the use of mouthwash, toothpaste and other professional treatments. During a regular cleaning, our professionals usually apply the topical fluoride treatment. However, for better results, combining these two treatments is ideal. Fluoride treatments build strong teeth by restoring healthy minerals to the tooth surfaces giving you a healthy enamel and inhibiting the growth of bacteria that cause infection to the teeth and gums.

Healthy Enamel

Fluoride helps in building a healthy enamel by enabling the body to absorb better calcium and phosphate, which are essential ingredients for healthy teeth. These minerals, in turn, repair weak enamel and grows healthy enamel on the erupting teeth. In young children, fluoride treatments during tooth development join the fluoride to the teeth, making them less vulnerable to cavities and bacteria. The enamel can wear out over time due to the consumption of acidic foods, and expose the nerves. This causes tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. A fluoride treatment by strengthening your enamel prevents such breakdown; hence, sensitivity.

Prevents Tooth Decay

Usually, the mouth contains bacteria. These bacteria break down sugar and starch and release acids that break down the enamel. A breakdown of your enamel exposes your tooth to decay. Thus, to combat decay, you need fluoride treatments to strengthen your enamel. Fluoride also breaks down bacteria that cause cavities; thus, slowing down the development of cavities. By slowing this process, fluoride treatments save you the pain, prevent gum disease and premature tooth loss. Contact us for more information on why you need a fluoride treatment.
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