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Ways You Can Begin to See Acid Erosion in Your Mouth

Posted on 9/21/2021 by Dr. Janice Pliszczak
Ways You Can Begin to See Acid Erosion in Your MouthYour teeth are naturally tough. This is because they contain a strong outer covering called the enamel. The enamel is formed by 97 percent mineral, making it the strongest tissue in your body. However, the enamel can be damaged by several factors. For instance, acid exposure can erode the enamel and cause various dental infections. Here are symptoms of acid erosion in your mouth.

Symptoms of Acid Erosion

Your teeth' enamel plays a crucial role in protecting the underlying tissues and nerves. It protects the inner layers from decay, corrosive chemicals, and potentially uncomfortable temperatures. Dental erosion occurs when acids corrode your teeth' enamel. Given that the enamel has no living cells, your body cannot repair the damage. This is why protecting your teeth against acid erosion is very important.

Tooth discoloration is one of the symptoms of acid erosion. When healthy, the enamel will appear white. The dentin, a sensitive tissue located beneath the enamel, is yellow in color. With acids wearing off the white enamel, it will shrink in depth and expose the yellowish dentin beneath it. This will make your teeth look yellow.

Another symptom of acid erosion is tooth sensitivity. This happens because the sensitive dentin beneath your enamel is exposed. Therefore, when you drink or eat foods with extreme temperatures, you will experience sharp pain. You can also experience this pain when eating sweet foods.

Do Not Ignore the Signs

Acid erosion can also make your teeth change in appearance since it wears down your teeth. Wearing the teeth down will make them look smaller or thinner than usual. The lower layer of your front teeth might also look transparent due to acid erosion. Therefore, you need to book an appointment with us for immediate treatment immediately after you notice these signs. Contact our office for additional information on the signs of acid erosion.
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