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Cracked Tooth
Syracus, NY

A rendering of a tooth with a crack at Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS in Syracuse, NYA cracked tooth can occur due to different reasons, ranging from an unfortunate incident or injury or general wear and tear due to aging. This dental problem can cause a patient to experience various symptoms, from pain when chewing to extreme sensitivity. In most instances, the pain may come and go, making it challenging for a dentist to locate the tooth causing discomfort.

What is a Cracked Tooth?

Also known as a fractured tooth or cracked tooth syndrome, a cracked tooth occurs when a visible split or crack appears in your tooth. While sometimes the crack can be small, harmless, and barely noticeable, other times, it can cause your tooth to split or break.
Although cracked teeth are common in children and older people, they can happen to anyone.

Symptoms and Causes of a Cracked Tooth

Here are some of the common causes of cracked teeth:
•  Pressure from teeth grinding
•  Biting hard foods, such as ice or candy
•  Habits such as constant gum chewing
•  Incidents such as falls or sports injuries
•  Rapid changes of temperature in the mouth
•  Aging
•  Large dental fillings

A cracked tooth may feel sensitive and be accompanied by pain. Moreover, you may experience toothache when chewing or biting, and witness some swelling around the tooth. However, some fractures might not cause any symptoms at all. Either way, you should consult our dentist right away and receive immediate treatment to prevent any further issues or mishaps.

Cracked Tooth Diagnosis

Our dental expert will diagnose a cracked tooth by first asking you about your symptoms and the cause of your possible broken tooth. After that, they will check whether your tooth is broken or knocked out, ask you to bite down to see if you feel pain, and then visually inspect your teeth for cracks. Once that’s done, they will examine your gums for inflammation since certain factors can cause irritation, and then pass light through your gums to make the fracture more visible. They will then apply a staining dye for better visibility of the tooth crack and then conduct a dental x-ray to see the fracture and other problems.

Cracked Tooth Treatment

The treatment of a cracked tooth depends on how damaged your tooth is. Some common treatments include:
•  Bonding
•  Crown
•  Root canal
•  Cosmetic contouring
•  Veneer
•  Extraction

In some cases, our dental expert may recommend not repairing a broken tooth at all. This only applies to cases where the cracked tooth doesn’t impact your appearance, cause pain, or extend too deep to cause problems.

What Should I do If I have a Cracked Tooth?

If you suspect a cracked tooth or experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, consult an endodontist as soon as possible. Endodontists specialize in treating cracked teeth and will tailor your dental treatment to the type, location, and extent of the crack. The sooner you get your cracked tooth treated, the better the outcome will be.

Looking for a dentist to treat your cracked tooth? Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS is here for you! We offer a range of customized dental treatments for the best outcome for your concerns. For more information, questions, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at (315) 800-5020.
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Cracked Tooth - Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS - Dentist Syracuse NY
A cracked tooth occurs when a visible split or crack appears in your tooth. Call Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS now for a range of customized dental treatments!
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