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Dealing With a Knocked Out Tooth
Syracuse, NY

If your child has a tooth knocked out, it can be a traumatic situation for everyone involved. However, it is crucial that you respond appropriately when an accident happens.

When a Baby Tooth Is Knocked Out

If your child suffers an injury to the mouth in which a baby tooth is knocked out, you should first inspect the area. If it appears that the injury is more serious than the knocked out tooth, consider contacting your pediatrician or visiting the hospital so that a physician can examine your child’s face, gums, and mouth. If the only concern is the lost tooth, contact our office. In most cases, a knocked out baby tooth will be no cause for alarm, but it is still a good idea to have it checked out.

When a Permanent Tooth Is Knocked Out

If your child has a permanent tooth knocked out, call us right away to get in for an emergency appointment. It is essential that your child is able to visit our office within 30 minutes of the incident, as it may be possible to successfully implant the tooth back into place.

Caring for the recovered tooth properly can also increase the odds that it can be successfully re-implanted. Once you find the tooth, rinse it off with water to clear off debris, but don’t scrub it, as this could damage the root cells that will be needed to place the tooth back into the jawbone. Make sure that you keep the tooth moist, placing it in a Save-a-Tooth kit, a cup of milk, or a piece of clean cloth. Again, the faster that you are able to get your child and the tooth into our office, the better the chances for a successful implantation will be.

For more emergency tips, or Dental FAQ for Kids, visit our website and keep it bookmarked for future reference!
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