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Partial Dentures
Syracuse, NY

Partial dentures are a removable dental device customized to restore missing teeth in your mouth. Missing teeth can have severely detrimental effects on your oral health. Our staff at Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS can slow, or even stop, these effects, protecting the health of your mouth. We are happy to meet with you, perform a full evaluation, and together create a treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Partial dentures are different from a dental bridge in how they are fixed in place. Both prosthetics are used to replace missing teeth, the main difference is:

•  A partial denture is designed to replace a few or many missing teeth. It does not matter where the missing teeth are located on the arch, the missing teeth can be neighboring or on opposite ends of the arch, and somewhere in between. Partial dentures use a clasp system to snap in your mouth which the patient removes for cleaning and at night while you sleep.
•  Dental bridges are used to replace one or two missing teeth, though we can better make that determination on your situation. A bridge uses cement to hold it permanently in place.

When a patient has missing teeth, it can snowball into more significant dental problems. Missing teeth mean space for neighboring teeth to shift. When teeth are allowed to shift out of control, which is different from an orthodontist who removes teeth for controlled movements, the patient is open to causing some severe bite issues. Bite issues are more than just unattractive, but can cause TMJ dysfunction, leading to jaw pain, facial pain, and even migraines. Another severe problem that comes from missing teeth is the decline in jawbone health. All bone requires movement and motion to stay healthy. The way your jawbone is exercised is from the pressure of chewing. Missing teeth means that the jawbone is not being exercised in that spot, and the bone will then atrophy or decrease in size due to sorption. Missing teeth can also cause some frustrations for a patient, from how their appearance is affected, to their ability to chew foods, or even how their speech is altered.

A partial denture can not resume the exercise that your bone requires, but it can keep neighboring teeth in position, helping you maintain your bite, and increase your ability to chew foods, while also enhancing your look. Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS is happy to discuss how we can improve your oral health with a partial denture, or discuss other options such as a dental bridge or dental implants with you. Dental implants are a way to increase the health of your bone while providing a permanent replacement option.

If you are missing teeth, protect your oral health by considering a partial denture. Our staff is here to review your options with you and help you create a treatment plan that takes you, including your health, your finances, and your needs, into consideration. Contact our office today by contact our front office staff at Janice K. Pliszczak, DDS by calling us at: (315) 800-5020
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